Bonmix - animals feed factory

Bonmix is a French-Bulgarian company established in 1997 as an enterprise for the production of supplement and complementary feeds.

Today Bonmix is one of the leading companies in the country.

The assortment of the company contains a wide range of compound feeds for all types and categories of farm animals. BONMIX manufactures and sells milk substitutes, milk stimulants, complementary feeds, enzyme and vitamin-mineral premixes, solid food supplements for ruminants and horses, fish feeds, snail feed, muesli and others.

Since 2010, Bonmix has begun the production of Sunflower protein concentrate, developed on its own technology. At present, most of this product is successfully exported to Germany, Austria,Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Greece and other countries where it is used as feedstock for the production of compound feed and fish feed.


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Special raw material

Bonmix produces special raw materials - High cellulose fraction of sunflower meal and high protein low cellulose fraction of sunflower meal.

The products High cellulose fraction of sunflower meal and High protein low cellulose fraction of sunflower meal are producing in Bonmix since 2010 from sunflower meal by unique technology. This technology allows careful mechanical separation of the High protein low cellulose fraction and High cellulose freaction. The production is carried out in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices GMP + and the Austrian Pastus Standard.

Flaked grains

Flaked grains from corn, wheat, barley and oat, are produced at Bonmix by special technology. 

Combined feed

Bonmix produces wide range of combined feed.

Special products

Bonmix produces a wide range of special products for ruminants, pigs and birds.