Control and quality

1. Control and Quality

Bonmiks has integrated and operational Integrated Quality and Safety Management System in accordance with the following international standards:

-          ISO 9001 – Quality Management System Requirements and

-          ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management Systems. Requirements for any organization in the food chain, which standard includes the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) concept.

The company's initial certification dates back to 2005, and since then, Bonmiks has maintained and perfected its management system in line with the requirements of the two standards referred to above.

The development of the company and the great interest in its most popular product – “Sunpro” – abroad explains the company's interest in new certification schemes, one of which is the internationally approved scheme in the field of animal feed GMP+ Feed certification scheme, module FSA (Feed Safety Assurance).

That is why Bonmiks introduced a Feed Ingredients Safety Management System and in 2015, the company joined this scheme and was awarded a GMP + B2 certification. Manufacture of feed ingredients: high-protein low-cellulose sunflower meal fraction and high-cellulose sunflower meal fraction reg. No. GMP008650.

Based on the received GMP+B2 certification, in 2016 Bonmiks joined two other schemes in the field of feed, namely:

QS, maintained by Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH whose stockholders are associations and organizations from the agricultural and food sectors.

Bonmiks is listed in the QS database as feed raw material manufacturer with Reg, No. № QS-ID: 4953113151076.

Pastus+ – System for ensuring feed quality of AMA-Marketing (Austria).

Under a licensing agreement with AMA-Marketing, Bonmiks is included in the List of approved providers of feed raw materials on the territory of Austria with license No. 10731617.



ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, issued by Bureau Veritas Certification Bulgaria, valid until 28.11.2020

ISO 22000:2005 Certificate, issued by Bureau Veritas Certification Bulgaria, valid until  28.11.2020

- GMP+B2 Certificate, issued by LGA InterCert, valid until 21.05.2021


2. Policy

Bonmix' policy is directed towards a conscious high quality in everyone's activities in order to fully meet customer requirements and ensure the safety of feed and raw materials in accordance with applicable legal requirements regarding the production, marketing and transport of feed, feed materials, including “Sunpro”, and storage of raw materials for their production.

When implementing its policy, Bonmix meets all applicable requirements of current national and European feed legislation and the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System for feed and feed Ingredients introduced and operating in the company.

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