VPC Complementary feed for broiler chickens

Product ID: ВБК 4/2 К

The feed is a vitamin-protein concentrate for the making of complete combined feed for broiler chickens by adding grain. 

This vitamin-protein concentrate allows fast and easy preparation of complete combined feed. The intensive growth of the chickens receiving this feed is due to the high level of energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The multienzyme complex and the phytase help the better utilization of the carbohydrates and phosphorus. The farmer saves time on providing protein raw materials, vitamins and minerals, and space for storing them.

Raw ingredients: sunflower meal, High protein low cellulose fraction of sunflower meal, sunflower meal, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, synthetic lysine, synthetic methionine, vitamin-mineral premix, multienzyme complex, phytase, acidifier, choline chloride, synthetic threonine. 

Usage:  The complete feed for broiler chickens up to the 28th day can be prepared by mixing:

  •       complementary feed VPC 6/1 C         38 %
  •       corn                                                     42 %
  •       wheat                                                  20 %

-       If you have only one kind of grain, mix:

  •       complementary feed VPC 6/1 C         38 %
  •       grain                                                    62 %

The ready complete feed is for feeding at the will of broiler chickens up to the 28th day.

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