Complete feed for ducks and geese

Product ID: 21/0

The feed for ducks and geese serves for fully covering the needs of growing-up ducklings up to 30 days of age for nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The complete feed contains a balanced combination of energy and amino acids, which stimulate the fast growth and development of the ducklings. The multienzyme complex in the feed helps to increase the digestibility of the nutrients and the better utilization of the feed. The acidifier helps the development of the desired intestinal microflora and stimulates strong immunity.

Raw ingredients: grain ingredients, High protein low cellulose fraction of sunflower meal, soybean meal, L-lysine, DL-methionine, vitamin-mineral premix, choline chloride, multienzyme complex, aroma – peach and vanilla, acidifier.

Usage: The complete feed is given to ducklings and goslings up to 30 days of age to be consumed at will.