Complete feed for ostriches

Product ID: 60/1

The complete feed for ostriches seves to fully cover the needs of ostriches up to 5 weeks of age for nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Balanced combination of energy and amino acids, which are necessary for the successful start of the growing-up ostriches. The good provision of vitamins and minerals in the feed helps to maintain high immunity and health status.



Raw ingredients: grain ingredients, soybean meal, high protein low cellulose fraction of sunflower meal, alfalfa meal, wheat bran, sunflower oil, L-lysine, DL-methionine, L-threonine, choline chloride, vitamin-mineral premix, sodium bicarbonate, etc.

Usage: The complete feed 60/1 is given to ostriches up to 5 weeks of age to be consumed at will.