VPC Complementary feed for dairy cows

Product ID: ВБК 27/15 К

The feed is a vitamin-protein concentrate which serves for the preparation of compound feed by adding grain. 

The feed allows the farmer to prepare a complete ration, saving him time on getting protein raw materials, vitamins, minerals and space to store them. Thus, animals get the most important nutrients for the synthesis of milk.

Raw ingredients: sunflower meal, high-cellulose fraction of sunflower meal, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, choline chloride, vitamin-mineral premix, aroma.

Usage: To obtain 100 kg of compound feed for dairy cows, mix:

  •       VPC 27/15 C                39 kg
  •       wheat bran                  20 kg
  •       barley                          16 kg
  •       corn                             15 kg
  •       wheat                          10 kg

If you only have one kind of grain, mix:

  •       VPC 27/15 C                39 kg
  •       grain                            61 kg

Тhe feed obtained after mixing is given to the lactating cows together with voluminous feed (hay, haylage, silage) in amounts depending on the productivity.

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