Lizalick Active

Lizalick Active is suitable for non-lactating cows to supplement their needs of vitamins and minerals.

Lizalick Active supplements the needs of non-lactating cows of vitamins and minerals throughout the day. It is resistant to rain and can be used on the pasture. The stimulation of the rumen microorganisms using Lizalick Active is done thanks to the increased salivation during licking in combination with the availability of a fast-degradable energy source - sugar beet molasses.

Raw ingredients: molasses, wheat flour, vegetable fat, acetic acid, dicalcium phosphate, vitamin-mineral premix.

Usage: The product is given to the cows for licking at will. Тhe normal daily consumption varies from 100 to 200 g per animal per day depending on the deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the cow's organism. One bucket is sufficient for 8-10 animals

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