Complete feed for junior pigs

Product ID: 14/1

The Complete feed for junior pigs serves for fed individually, it supports the intensive growth of pigs from 20 to 50 kg live weight.

The complete combined feed 14/1 supports the intensive growth and increased deposition of muscle mass.  Due to the enzyme complex and the added 6-phytase, better absorption of the carbohydrates and the phytate phosphorus is achieved, which reduces the consumption of feed per unit of growth and the excretion of phosphorus, which leads to a cleaner environment. The acidifier contained in the feed contributes to optimal digestion in the small intestine and to the high immunity of the junior pigs.

Raw ingredients: grain-cereal raw materials, soybean meal, high protein low cellulose fraction of sunflower meal , wheat bran, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, L- lysine, DL-methionine, sodium chloride, vitamin-mineral premix, 6-phytase, enzyme complex, acidifier.

Usage: for feeding at will of pigs from 20 to 50 kg live weight.

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