Complete feed for pregnant pigs

Product ID: 15/1

For ensuring energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for the pigs during the pregnancy period.

The excellently balanced composition of the feed helps to reduce early embryonic mortality, the correct development of the yield in the second half of the pregnancy, to preserve the breeding condition of the pigs (it prevents obesity while creating a feeling of satiety), and prevents constipation.

Raw ingredients: grain-cereal raw materials, High cellulose fraction of sunflower meal, sunflower meal, wheat bran, vitamin-mineral premix, aroma (peach and vanilla), enzyme complex, L- lysine, acidifier, etc.

Usage: The complete feed 15/1 is for feeding 2 kg per animal during the first period of the pregnancy (from the first day of the pregnancy until the 30th day); 2, 5 kg per animal during the second half of the pregnancy (from the 31st to the 85th day) and 3-3.5 kg per animal at the end of the pregnancy (from the 86th to the 114th day). The recommended quantities are only indicative and they can be corrected depending on the body condition of the pigs.

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