VPC Complementary feed, starter for pigs

Product ID: 12/1 К

The feed is a vitamin-protein concentrate for preparing complete combined feed for pigs from 10 to 20 kg live weight by adding grain

This high-protein concentrate allows fast and easy preparation of complete feed. The intensive growth of the pigs consuming this feed is due to the high supply of energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The acidifier decreases acidity in the in the stomach and supports the enzyme activity of the added multienzyme complex. The famer saves time on providing protein raw materials, vitamins and minerals, and space for storing them.

Raw ingredients: soybean meal, sunflower meal, wheat bran, high protein low cellulose fraction of sunflower meal,  calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, lysine, methionine, monocalcium phosphate, acidifier, multienzyme complex, vitamin-mineral premix, aroma.


-          For 100 kg combined feed for pigs, mix:

  •          feed VPC 12/1 C         32 kg
  •          corn                            41 kg
  •          wheat                         20 kg
  •          barley                         7 kg


-          If you have only one kind of grain, mix:

  •          feed VPC 12/1 C         32 kg
  •          grain                           68 kg


The feed obtained after the mixing is for feeding pigs at will.


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