VPC Starter complementary feed for kids and lambs

Product ID: ВБК 36/18 К

The feed for lambs and kids is a vitamin-protein concentrate and it is used for the preparation of compound feed by adding grain.

This high-quality starter complementary feed helps the rapid development of the proventriculus and whole digestive tract. The vitamin-mineral composition stimulates the maintenance of high immunity and vitality of the lambs and kids. Тhe farmer saves time on getting protein raw materials, vitamins, minerals and space to store them. Mixing is easy and fast and the possibility of making a mistake is minimal.

Raw ingredients: sunflower meal, high-protein low-cellulose fraction of sunflower meal, high-cellulose fraction of sunflower meal, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, vitamin-mineral premix, aroma.

Usage: To obtain 100 kg of starter compound feed, mix:

  •       feed for calves 36/18 C  29 kg
  •       corn                             21 kg
  •       wheat                          20 kg
  •       wheat bran                  15 kg
  •       barley                          10 kg
  •       oats                             5 kg

If you only have one kind of grain, mix:

  •       feed for calves 36/18 C  29 kg
  •       grain                            71 kg

Тhe feed obtained after mixing is given to lambs and kids at will after the 3rd day from birth.